How It Works

An overview of the Wrapt philosophy and how things actually work.

The Basics

The whole idea for Wrapt started out with a goal of eliminating as much of the tedious and repetitive work that comes with setting up a Web API as possible, so that myself and other developers could focus on actually building their app and working on high value, business specific features.

To accomplish this, I put together a custom CLI called Craftsman. Craftsman is the workhorse behind Wrapt that can not only scaffold out an entire Web API with just a simple yaml or json file, but can also run commands that allow us to continue to maintain that project after it's been built. This file is not meant to be the source of truth for you API, but merely a description of how you want to start out.

In practice, this means that we can scaffold out all of the boilerplate using the CLI, so you can open up your project and start writing your business logic right away.

But What is Wrapt?

Wrapt is a simple framework built on .NET that we can use to quickly scaffold out and maintain our projects.

At the end of the day, all this really means is that a Wrapt project is just a .NET solution that's organized in a particular way so that Craftsman knows how to add all your boilerplate for you. That's it.

Getting Started

First, let's get things set up with a quick install.