Add Auth Server Command

Adds a Pulumi setup for a Keycloak auth server to your solution.

This command will scaffold out a Pulumi setup for a Keycloak auth server for your solution. You can find more info and examples in the input file template.

This command must be ran from your root solution directory.

craftsman add authserver [options] <filepath>

Add Auth Server Arguments

filepathThe full filepath for the yaml or json file that lists the new entities that you want to add to your API.

Add Auth Server Options

-h, --helpDisplay help message. No filepath is needed to display the help message.

Add Auth Server Example Commands

craftsman add authserver -h
craftsman add authserver C:\fullpath\newauthserver.yaml
craftsman add authserver C:\fullpath\newauthserver.yml
craftsman add authserver C:\fullpath\newauthserver.json