Add Entity Command

Adds a new entity and all associated files to a bounded context.

This command can add one or more new entities to your Wrapt project using a formatted yaml or json file. The input file template only requires a list of one or more entities.

This command must be ran from the bounded context directory for a project that was made using the new domain or add bc command.

craftsman add entity [options] <filepath>

Add Entity Arguments

filepathThe full filepath for the yaml or json file that lists the new entities that you want to add to your API.

Add Entity Options

-h, --helpDisplay help message. No filepath is needed to display the help message.

Add Entity Example Commands

craftsman add entity -h
craftsman add entity C:\fullpath\newentity.yaml
craftsman add entity C:\fullpath\newentity.yml
craftsman add entity C:\fullpath\newentity.json

Add Entity Example

The examples on the project tutorial and the entity template cover how to add new entities.