Add Bus Command

Adds a message bus to your project.

This command will add a MassTransit message bus to an existing Wrapt project using a formatted yaml or json file. The input file template.

This command will:

  • Add a new MassTransit service registration
  • Register it in your startups
  • Add the message broker credentials in your app settings
  • Add a MassTransit harness to your integration tests
  • Add any consumers, producers, and messages designated by the configuration
  • Build a Messages project in your root and add reference to it in your WebApi project.

This command must be ran from one of your bounded context directories for a project.

craftsman add:bus [options] <filepath>

Add Bus Arguments

filepathThe full filepath for the yaml or json file that lists the new entities that you want to add to your API.

Add Bus Options

-h, --helpDisplay help message. No filepath is needed to display the help message.

Add Bus Example Commands

craftsman add:bus -h
craftsman add:bus C:\fullpath\newbus.yaml
craftsman add:bus C:\fullpath\newbus.yml
craftsman add:bus C:\fullpath\newbus.json

Add Bus Example

When using the add:bus command, your template file pretty lean (generally just environment variables). Check out the Adding a Bus to an Existing Project example for more details.