Skip the boilerplate and focus on your business logic.

Scaffold an entire .NET 6 Web API with a simple yaml or json file so you can focus on the high value features in your web app.


Craftsman commands now use spaces instead of `:` delimiters. Updated video coming soon!

Describe your API

In order to scaffold out a new API, we need to build a simple yaml or json file to describe what we want our API to look like. This files is just some basic project info (project name, database info), and a description of your entities. We can also provide optional info like environment information or a swagger layout.

No More Boilerplate

Wrapt Web APIs eliminate the tedium so you can hit the ground running and get your applications deployed quickly.

Automated HTTP Endpoint Generation
Vertical Slice Architecture
Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination
Unit, Integration, & Functional Tests
Docker Database Tests
Quick Add Commands
Enhanced Swagger Documentation
Auth Server Scaffolding
Flexible Validation
API Versioning
Flexible Database Options
Serilog Logging
Customizable Response Wrapper
Authorization and Scope Protection
Pub/Sub Scaffolding with MassTransit